Fundraising Campaign

The Oregon City Library Foundation kicked-off its fund raising campaign at the Library's groundbreaking in August 2015. At this celebratory event, we offered the opportunities to put your stamp on this building - a legacy that will last for generations to come. Those opportunities are available with your contribution to the OC Library Foundation.

There's a place for everyone. Contributions that are recognized with namings start at just $100 and go up to $100,000.

Any funds received that are not required to complete the construction and renovation of our Library will be invested, grown, and used to support future and long-term Library enhancements, technology upgrades, and special projects or programs.

Larger contributions may be pledged and paid over several years. The Foundation's naming program follows the policy for namings established by the City of Oregon City.

Menu of Naming Opportunities

This list of possibilities is continually updated and subject to change in response to evolving architectural plans and donor commitments. For confirmation of these levels, more ideas or information, please contact us via










Multiple opportunities available at the $1,000 and $100 levels:


Name a stack. Artistically designed recognition plaques affixed to the stack ends (88 available)


Name a card catalog drawer. Replica of a historic card catalog featuring donor names on the drawer fronts, displayed in the original Carnegie (300 available)

Opportunities will also exist to name artwork and individual pieces of furniture, to be determined.

"Namings" are created to recognize significant contributions to the OC Library campaign. The levels listed are not related to actual costs associated with these designated areas or rooms, but provide an opportunity for families and businesses to be commemorated in areas that are important to them. All items and prices are negotiable with the donor within ranges. Pledge payments may be arranged at some levels. In-kind contributions that have been carefully assessed and accepted by both the Foundation and the Library Boards may be given in lieu of, or in addition to, cash contributions.